Rocket Crew

As one of the leading dance crew in Indonesia, you’re in the best hands when it comes to dance performance and dance education.

RC Rabib
Team Leader
He's the man. Choreographer and freestyler
RC Mikha
Specialisation : conceptual piece, popping, hiphop, Urban Choreography
RC Ivan
Specialisation : Urban Choreography
RC Sara
Specialisation : Waacking, Ladies Style, HipHop
RC Puspita
Specialisation : Breaking, HipHop
RC Angelenzy
Specialisation : Waacking
RC Angelia
Specialisation : Urban Choreography, HipHop
RC Meliana
Specialisation : HipHop, Ladies Style
RC Olip
Specialisation : House, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Yoga
RC David
Specialisation : Urban Choreography, HipHop
RC Maha
Specialisation : HipHop
RC Kevin
Specialisation : Popping, HipHop
RC Febe
Specialisation : HipHop, Urban Choreography
RC Bian
Specialisation : House, HipHop
RC Olivia
Specialisation : Waacking, K-Pop
RC Alfons
Specialisation : Locking
RC Steven
Specialisation : Urban Choreography, HipHop